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Aug 30 – Sept 1, 2013
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Comments, Feedback, and Testimonials

This page displays comments, feedback, and testimonials from Affiliates and Level 1 Members of the Global Information Network. See for yourself what our members have to say about GIN as they experience all the benefits of membership.

" My name is Danny Junco and this is my GIN story.  Listening to Your Wish is Your Command changed my life because it finally gave me the answers I had been searching for as to why success had eluded me up to that point in my life.  I was almost in tears when I heard that I was just using the wrong recipe, those CDs finally gave me the correct one.  The event that did it for me was Dream Weekend Chicago, nothing was ever the same after that event. 

The wrong people left my life ( The losers must GO!) and my vibration changed for the better, as I began as an affiliate since I could not afford the membership in the beginning.  Focusing on my goal to be a member, I manifested a large sum of money that allowed me to complete my membership and after Dream Weekend, I could not contain my excitement about GIN.  As I sat in the HYATT Ohare, I thought of all my family and friends that could use the knowledge I had just been exposed to.  I came back home with a mission to let everyone know about GIN.

I am now happy to report that events, people, and circumstances have manifested in such a way that now I live in a GIN household, my siblings, cousins, friends are all GIN.  Because GIN is not something we do, GIN is something we are!  I am so very proud and thankful that this organization came into my life, as I have been fortunate to literally see in front of my eyes, how the information changes people's lives.  I am now preparing myself and my group to bring GIN to the Latin community, it is exciting.  Now I know for certain that "What I Want, Wants Me"  All I can say is THANK YOU!”

- Pedro "Danny" Junco 

" The most significant thing GIN has done for me, with the audios and reading material...the meetings, etc. is inspire me to dare to really WANT my dreams. Instead of just wishing. I feel hopeful. Enthused about my future.”

- Anonymous 

" Yes, the affiliate membership has positively impacted my life.  I've enjoyed the information immensely and am excited about joining the global information network.  I've connected with some great people and am generally very excited and uplifted by the information available as an affiliate.  This experience has enabled a magical shift in my life that is profound. Thank you,”

- Chioma 

" I enjoy the global information network and listen to all the audio series.  I live in Hawaii and cannot wait to have the freedom, wealth, and health as the level members in this society. I am at the point that this system works and I cannot wait to become an official member.”

- D. Clark 

" This training or introduction has impacted my life great within the week or so of me following these great instructions i have been more successful  then anytime in my life I greatly appreciate it.”

- C Johnston 

" All of the knowledge that you have passed on to me through the audios and CDs have definitely changed the way I think and act, in a positive way.”

- H Gonzalez 

" Next to finding Jesus and salvation, it has been one of the most life changing experiences of my life.  I have learned so much and it has cost me so little.  I still talk about the GIN cruise with my kids 29 and 15.  My 15 year old son said "Mom you need to become a member while you still have a chance".  We learned so much and still feel the effects of all that positive input.

I have learned to expect the best from life instead of feeling like a helpless victim.  Thank you GIN!”

- J. Oyfos 

" This has really opened up a whole new world for my brain to grab onto! thank you“

- Bill B 

" The Global information Network training has helped me to create my own Internet Marketing Company  and develop international connections! I have literally transformed my life in the matter of months! Thank you guys!”

- O Karriem 

" Being in your affiliate program has opened my eyes to a new variety of self awareness and appreciation for all those around me. It has led me down a road that I would not have been on if it had not been for some of the audio tapes and realization of ones own "manifest destiny".”

- Andrew P  

" The affiliate program has impacted my life by allowing me to have a clearer vision of my purpose. It has helped me in giving my burning desire more power.”

- Kenneth G 

" In less than a year, I have gone from working with my tools in a  mud hole to holding meetings with state senators, governors, and working with million dollar contracts. I am happy and at peace with myself. I listen to audios, read books, and show the plan EVERYDAY!  

You were correct- it is the person i have become...”

- Joseph C 

" Dear GIN,  The affiliate training thru the monthly audio is fantastic. I look forward to listening to them every month. The messages are like a breath of fresh air. Great job!!”

- A. Hamilton 

" I enjoy listening to the audios on the Global Information Network website.  I am learning a lot as an affiliate and the audio training is extremely helpful.  GIN members in my upline have been extremely helpful and willing to answer any questions I have.”

- Sharon D 

" I have been working form home for over 14 years. I have produced sales in access of $100 million dollars since that time.  After about 2 weeks of evaluation after receiving Your Wish Is Your Command CD's, I decided to join GIN!  I am so impressed with everything that I have seen and read so far! I believe it is very possible to build $1,000,000 month income here if one so choses!

Thank you for the best opportunity ever created---BAR NONE---Period!”

- Mike A 

" I am happy to announce my success story to you and anyone who wants to succeed in life. I have been relentlessly achieving more and more goals throughout my days. I can feel more power and confidence listening to the extraordinary "Your wish is your command" CD set and the books that has been recommended by Global Information Network. I can literally overcome any obstacles and objections in my way. I have felt weakness, emotional trials, and struggle before GIN and with GIN I am stronger, better, and wiser. I am glad to be part of the GIN movement and belong with an organization so powerful that people ask me how I became knowledgeable, interesting, and positive. I simply tell them about the plans and benefits GIN has to offer. I read books, listen to audios, and attend any events that I possibly can. The more I am involved with GIN the more success I can achieve. Challenges become a laughable encounter and easily accomplished. I took immediate and massive action and received immediate and massive results...”

- T Chon 

" ...It's amazing how certain aspects of your life, whether it's business or personal start to change for the better...”

- Jim L 

" I've been a GIN member for about a month and in that short time, with the training provided in the members section and the support of my sponsor I have transformed my life from accepting "just okay" to creating and developing goals, improving my health (both physically and mentally) and becoming a wonderful person.

Using the technology described in the level 1 training, I have become more aware of my thoughts and have made a conscious effort to change them for the better.

I can't wait to attend a meeting/event and meet some awesome, like-minded people. GIN will change your life!”

- Anthony F 

"Wow what a cruise , actually the first ever for me , however it was my intent not to get off the boat, and still found i was wishing it was longer as i would have loved to see more and fill my sponge, I am not sure exactly what it was, but i came home and quit my eleven dollar an hour job , and went back to self employment as I have been for the last twenty years...”

- Mark P 

" As far as the level one training in the website is concerned, I love it all. I'm consuming as much information as possible everyday. I have downloaded all the material possible on my mp3 and I listen to it at least 2-3 hrs a day when I walk my dog. I find it's a great way for me to learn new material and reinforce the old one. I think the information you offer the members is very valuable and life changing for many. I know it is helping me to hone in on my skills of manifestation and fine tune my focus. I look forward to learning so much more and further expanding my mind.”

- Nancy S 

" I recently joined GIN and have begun studying the material every night after the kids go to sleep.  I am amazed how quickly my desires are being fulfilled.  I have had a chronic aliment for as long as I can remember, it is GONE.  I have been offered deals I previously thought  out of reach and I am growing accustomed to achieving what I want with ease and grace.  I am only on Level 1 so I am looking forward to progressing to level 2 once I have fully digested the material in level 1. “

- Stephen G 

" Unbelievable, the Knowledge is helping me become the person that I wanted to become. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

- Eugene R 

" The teachings of The Global Information Network are incredible!  If i'm having a tough day, i'll take a moment to sit down and listen to a few of the audios on the website. It always relieves my stress and gets me back on track with a positive focus. Our GIN teachers always remind us of the importance of keeping that positive energy radiating. They use common-sense lessons that you won't find anywhere else. The excitement builds with each step.. Sort of like peeling away the petals of a rose to get to the pure essence, uniting mind and heart.”

- Tammy R 

" My life has dramatically changed since I've joined GIN. I've been in 3 months now and just barely signed up my first member but I've been reaping the benefits ever since I got plugged into the system. By applying the techniques and information in the YWIYC audio series and the member and affiliate training, Ive been able to improve my relationships with my family and land a new job with huge income potential. Everything is lining up perfectly and most importantly, for the first time in my life I have a feeling of self confidence and knowingness that I'm on my way to big success”

- Rolando G 

"I am level 1 ,my life has changed so dramaticaly, as  I am going thru basic training and reading the suggested books I know I can never go back to my old life, this club has helped me in ways I never imagined I wake up everyday finding ways to be grateful for what I have my wife and kids etc.I am finding that even though my wife is not aware of it she is changing too,the information and training are awsome and I am digesting material as quickly as I can .I know now that I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL its the law!”

- Tom 

" I have been a member for about a week and a half.  It has been the best time of my life... “

- Angie M 

" I can not highly recommend joining GIN enough. GIN has so much to offer and the choices of seminars we have is priceless. The 2011 Cruise was the most awesome event I ever attended. Thank you”

- Amy H 

" ... My friend went on the GIN cruise and came back so excited about what GIN was all about! We became members right away - registered for Nashville and made a goal of becoming platinum before Nashville! Doors have been opening for us left right and center and we already have 10 members signed on our team - and three more ready to get started!  We will be platinum before the end of the month!!...”

- Angela D 

" ...I am glad I found GIN as it fits my way of life and attitude I was taught at a very young age.  I have accomplished so many things that many said was impossible or not financially in my portfolio over the last 20 years.  I always believed I could have or do what I wanted with the right attitude.  Funny thing is everything worked out for me so when I bought YWIYC back in Sep 2010 it just made me realize I am on the right track and need to master it as there is so much I need to learn.”

- Phil Z 

" ...the affiliate program has change my life for the better, after being an affiliate for some months and loving the benefits,  I decided to upgrade to a member. The member benefits are great, life changing, emotional, mentally,spiritually, TheGlobalInformationNetwork has help  restore power back into my life! Thanks GIN!”

- Jose M 

" I am a new GIN level 1 member, have signed up in late December 2010. I attended the GIN cruise (21-24 Jan 2011) also.  I am a 59 year old male, having spend most of my adult life in the U.S. Armed Forces (29 years).  I have been...let's say...subject to quite a bit of "leadership training" over the years.  NONE - NONE compares to what I have learned during the last couple months through GIN Level 1 training.  I have only gone through YWIYC 2 times so far - I am engaged now in my third pass.  I am now endeavoring to sign up my adult children - so they can learn the "real secrets of success - and ultimatley happiness."

- Jim 

" ...I have learned more in the last three weeks than I have my whole life. I know that is a bold statement but is true for me...”

- Kelsey 

" Well, here goes, my Level 1 GIN membership so far is really paying off.  I am seeing a really great progression in my live in a positive way and it is rubbing off on my closest friends too....” 

- Dave 

"I've been a GIN member since August of 2009.  Using basic YWIYC principles, I was able to help a company move to a 2.5 million dollar per year venue...”

-Mike H 

" ...I literally have to tear myself away from GIN's website before I get accused of neglecting my daughter! My whole outlook on life has changed...”

- Dewell F

" I am astounded at how much I am learning so far.  I listen to either a level one audio or the wish is your command cd's every day.  My relationship with my husband has changed tremendously, we talk about GIN and are happy, we help each other to get our positive energy higher than our negative energy....”

- Kari

" Becoming a Level 1 GIN member from an affiliate is like looking through a window at the beach versus standing on the sand and experiencing it.  The information available is life changing.  I’m most definitely not the person I was before my membership ... Anyone on the fence wondering if it is worth the investment, I can only say for me that is way so worth it and much more.”

- Heidi G 

" It has given me confidence.  and reminded me to have a positive attitude”

- M Hines 

" As an aspiring member of GIN... I am literally blown away by the content available in the affiliate section.  Dozens of hours of training by the worlds top notch speakers giving precious tidbits has helped me continue to improve my vibration and create motivation to introduce others to GIN.”

- M Grady  

" I can’t thank you enough for all the audios I get... I am completely blown away by my progress.  I’m even more excited about the thought where I will be in the next few months.”

- D Rasti 

" ... The lives of me and my children have truly changed for the better because the level 1 training... I can't wait to see what happens next!”

- G Widener 

" Wow I don’t even know where to start!  Joining GIN was the best decision I have made in my life!  After joining the club, I feel unstoppable!  I am so excited and am dreaming bigger.  Life is getting better and better everyday.  The information I have learned has blown my mind and my life has improved dramatically.  I love listening to the audios and reading books.  The people that I’ve met through GIN are amazing and the speakers are phenomenal!  I am so proud to be a member of a club that consist of such amazing individuals.  After joining GIN, I learned that I’m in control of my life and creating my future.  I’m now taking massive and immediate action towards becoming Platinum and I am loving every bit of it!  I know my dreams are coming true...”

- S Subzwari 

" I have been a member with GIN since August 2010.  Initially I joined for the benefits offered by the membership and have not been disappointed.  The amount of information available just at level one is incredible...”

- E Allart 

" I have everything to say about my level one training, It has been fantastic, from the new way of eating and living a healthy life.  Being aware of what I am putting in, to what I am putting on my body.  The training has brought me a new way to think about every day life and how to have a great day every day...”

- J Bautista 

" ... I became involved in Global Information Network and the training that I get as a level one member surpasses in quality, in content, in motivation etc ... than anything that is out there  in the world.”

- J Hugues 

" I would like to express that I love this level one training and I learn more each day.  This is better than college.”

- W. Barnes

" I love it,I am so much more happier and full of possibilities... Best thing I ever did for myself”

- C Gian 

" GIN has done such much for me and my family that at words can not express!!!....”

- G AKime 

" ... I am thrilled and in awe of what this Affiliate program is doing for me in my life.”

- M Lopez 

" So far, the training has left me extremely excited, positive and vibrant every day...”

- A Munshaw 

" I am still working on level 1 training.  I am having such a great time.  I am taking notes as I listen to the audios.  I have not felt this happy in such a long time.  I have given up my normal TV time to train my mind in a new direction.  My goal is to be a level 4 by the end of the summer...”

- M Mumme 

" I am very, very grateful for the support Level 1 Training is providing.  In the 3 months since I joined GIN, my life has changed dramatically – and it jeeps getting better and better!....”

- A Dittmann 

" Honestly, I have found that the training is very informative and motivational.  It helps in just regular everday life just as much as it does professionally.”

- J Meyers 

" Joining the Global Information Network has had a great impact in my life.  The training has been phenomenal and the Taste of GIN meetings are awesome.  I am looking forward to moving up and learning more information that will change my life for the good.”

- C Rodriguez 

" Since becoming a member in GIN, I have learned more the past three months then in my 16 years of education in schools and college.  Within a few weeks I will be steeping up to level 2 to further enhance my education and awareness.  Level one has changed the way I think about myself and the universe.  It has been an awaking.  Thanks for GIN.”

- N Lafave 

" Hello, i would just like to say that this affiliate training is awesome ... i love it cant wait until I come a member...”

- D Carter 

" ... I am thrilled and in awe of what this Affiliate program is doing for me in my life.”

- M Lopez 

" The Member Level 1 training in GIN helped me realize that anything is possible, even for someone like me...”

- M Raguz 

" The Affiliate Program and training continue to amaze me”

- HWI 

" My wife is blown away by the shift in my attitude and my out look of our future...”

- Ken 

" My Level 1 Training was the best training I have ever heard.  I feel like a different individual living in a community that does not understand me.  I have been asked why do you smile all the time, why do you walk like you own the world?  I just smile and say to myself, life is so good now that I WAS GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE A GIN  MEMBER!!!!!...”

- E Williams 

" The training is the greatest thing to ever happen to me...”

- M Alston 

" ... The lives of me and my children have truly changed for the better because the level 1 training ... I can't wait to see what happens next!”

- G Widener 

" The training is incredible, outstanding and deep.  I feel like a rich man took the time to came down and who me how to become wealthy.  The motivation and hope in what you have taught me makes me feel so grateful and happy that there are people like you that care to let go of these secrets and give them to us...”

- S C Littlebow 

" It has tremendously, positively affected my life and I am planning to sign up before the end of April 2011 for level 2...”

- M Taqui 



" The Level 1 training I have received from GIN has been life changing! ... GIN is an amazing well organized program loaded with great information, opportunity, and networking that ALL people could benefit.  I would recommend it to anyone, especially if they wanted to stop talking about their dreams and started living them instead!”

- R Bortle 

" I’ve been an affiliate for a few months now (as of April 2011) and all I can say is that this is some of the best training I’ve ever received.”

- B Stephen 

" WOW, is the word that describes the Level 1 training.  The information is mind-blowing and life-changing.  I see things in a completely different perspective due to the information I’ve learned so far.  I am glad to be a member of GIN and I look forward to learning more and advancing to the next level.”

- C Johnson 

" It has given me confidence.  and reminded me to have a positive attitude”

- M Hines 

" It has honestly put my thoughts in the right direction. I couldnt be anymore greatful right now.”

- Anonymous