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Aug 30 – Sept 1, 2013
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How to Join the Global Information Network

The Global Information Network is a private club. To join and become a member you must be invited and be "sponsored". The person who introduced you to GIN will be your sponsor.

How to join the Global Information Network as a Member & Affiliate

Membership dues are $1,500 initial fee payable at $100 per month for 15 months. In addition, there are monthly dues of $150. This means you will be charged $250 the day you join and your credit card will be charged $250 each month for 15 months. Then each month thereafter your credit card will be charged $150 per month.

You can also take the $1,000 single pay option and save $500. If you choose this option, you will be charged $1,000 the day you join our club and $150 a month each month thereafter.

You can cancel your membership anytime.

When you join and become a member, you will also become an Affiliate in GIN. You can choose to earn commissions with our optional Affiliate Program as described in the Affiliate section of this website. To join GIN you must have the Affiliate code or email address of the person who invited you to join GIN. To see more member benefits, click here 

How To join The Global Information Network as an Affiliate only

If you do not want to become a member in GIN at this time, you can become an Affiliate in GIN for FREE.

As an Affiliate you can market and sell GIN memberships and earn lucrative commissions on your sales. You can also earn override commission on the sales generated by the Affiliates that you recruit, as well as the Affiliates they in turn recruit. For complete details on the Affiliate commission plan, click here.

As an Affiliate you will have free access to many Affiliate meetings and earn commissions. You will never have to buy anything or spend any money, and you have no obligation to buy a membership yourself and join GIN as a Member.

When you become an Affiliate you can always, in the future, at any time, choose to buy a membership in GIN and become a member, however this option is not required.

In order to remain an Affiliate in good standing, you must agree to the terms and conditions of the Affiliate program, and code of conduct. This includes listening to the free Affiliate development series weekly audios and weekly Affiliate update audios. These are sent to you free of charge via email each week and are available on the GIN website in the Affiliate section.

Joining the GIN affiliate program is easy, quick, and FREE. You simply need to have the affiliate code or email address of the person who introduced you to GIN. That person will be your sponsor. You have no obligation. For more information on the benefits of the affiliate program click here. It takes less than 5 minutes to become an Affiliate in GIN.