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Aug 30 – Sept 1, 2013
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Discover amazing
Gin member benefits

Congratulations on your decision to consider applying for Membership in the Global Information Network! This page is designed to give you some of the highlights of the GIN Member benefits. As a private, Member-Only association, theGlobal Information Networkprovides its Members with exclusive benefits that are not available to the general public.

GIN is an exclusive and private club that consists of Members from all over the world. Membership is by invitation only. Membership in GIN can be compared to Membership in an exclusive country club or private organization for affluent like-minded people. As with all Memberships in exclusive Members-Only organizations, GIN Members enjoy advantages that will not be accessible to Non-Members.

Access invaluable information
through training

The first benefit that Members receive is access to important information through trainings. Information is shared at live events, Member-to-Member, or through the website in the form of audios, videos, webinars, and written materials. Live events consist of seminars, workshops, retreats, conferences, summits, meetings, social gatherings, dinners, and special briefings put on all around the world.

While subject-matter is diverse, some of the topics include:






How to get
Debt relief




The Law of


Motivation and
Overcoming Insecurities


Dynamic &
vibrant Health


& Fitness

And a multitude of other topics.

Membership can save you thousands of dollars and huge amounts of time if you were to try to find this information on your own and purchase it. Much of the training is exclusive only to GIN Members. Access to this information could (and has for many Members) revolutionize your financial, emotional, and physical life.

You will also have access to:

The Success Mastery Course

The Success Mastery Course is a twenty eight hour online course that literally gives you the keys to success and getting what you want out of life. We have thousands of written testimonies from Members that have dramatically improved their lives just from this course. In fact, the Success Mastery Course alone is worth the cost of joining GIN.

Premier Webinars

As a GIN Member you will have access to Webinars from the world’s premier speakers, teachers and trainers, on dozens of different topics.

Online Library

You will have access to the GIN Online Library with over one thousand hours of teaching and training from our world renowned Faculty Members.

Global Events

You will have access to our live Local Chapter Meetings, Mastering the Success Mastery Course Meetings, Membership Overview Meetings and Seminars and Rallies as well as weekend events held at exotic locations.

You will be able to attend our live one day Member Seminars that cover virtually every topic that has to do with success and attaining what you want in life. You will be able to network with very successful business men and woman worldwide.

Our parents and grandparents told us that success in life is largely based on, "It’s not what you know, but who you know" In GIN, we say it a little differently, "It's who knows you" and as a GIN Member, other GIN Members will know you.

Global Networking

Members get the ability to network and communicate with other members from all around the world – this is invaluable, as many members have already met and made some of their closest friends or business partners of their lives. Having this worldwide networking opportunity is one of the main benefits of membership.

Membership resources

Members who are looking for investors or venture capital have the opportunity to network with the membership. Members will have the opportunity to be in business with or invest with wealthy, affluent, successful people from around the world. Members who wish to start a business or need advice on an existing business will be able to network through the membership and potentially find an expert in that area which can provide free advice to help you achieve your business objectives. This type of advice and personal help from experts alone is worth the cost of membership.

Lifestyle Experiences

GIN provides a variety of lifestyle experiences for it's members. These are very unique get togethers, where Members have attended the Superbowl, a week at a world famous health spa, the NBA finals, fishing trips, Oktoberfest Fest in Munich, Germany, the world famous Carnival in Rio De Janeiro and much more.

Access to presenters

Members also have the ability to network with presenters and/or trainers in GIN. It is the goal of GIN to be able to provide the information directly from the world’s experts to GIN members. Membership in GIN provides the information, resources, and tools that can allow a person to have, be, or do anything and everything they desire.

You are here because your sponsor thought you were special. You have been personally invited to join GIN. This could be your chance to be involved with something truly outstanding. We hope you take advantage of this unique opportunity. We look forward to having you as a new member in the Global Information Network and we are committed to providing you with the highest level of excellent service and material to help you achieve all your goals and dreams in life.