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Aug 30 – Sept 1, 2013
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The Global Information Network Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program Overview 
Affiliate Program Overview
Watch the following presentation which explains the benefits of the Global Information Network Affiliate Program.

The Affiliate program for the Global Information Network is a fully supported business opportunity for anyone interested in making serious money and achieving success in life. The program is ABSOLUTELY FREE! There are no gimmicks, no credit cards or fees, no obligation whatsoever. Joining is only takes a couple minutes to sign up!

Benefits of the Affiliate Program

HUGE Commissions!
Earn lucrative commissions for each sale, plus monthly residual income!

Global Information Network Events
Access to GIN events, seminars, workshops, retreats, opportunities, meetings, and symposia featuring bestselling authors and speakers! These events often take place in exotic locations every quarter. We've already held events in fantastic and luxurious international locations such as Cancun, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Munich, and Paris, including luxury cruises to the Bahamas and Cayman Islands.

Topics at these major events include The Law of Attraction, Business, Relationships, Marketing, Motivation, Offshore Banking, Stock Investing, Commodities Investing, Self-confidence, Financial Independence and more. Seminars featuring such acclaimed speakers like Les Brown, Joe Sugarman, The Amazing Kreskin, two-time Congressman Ed Foreman are scheduled throughout the year!

Online Training!
Hours and hours of recorded audio training sessions developed specifically to assist you in building your business. Learn step-by-step, how to create and operate your own business. We take away all the guess work, and provide your very own roadmap to success.

Here are a couple examples of the training audios available to all Affiliates at no cost: 

  • Welcome To The GIN Affiliate Program: How To Get Off To A Quick Start (44:23)
  • How To Get Someone To Join (1:09:26)
  • Tools To Build Your GIN Business (1:01:22)
  • The Recipe For Success (1:05:05)
  • How To Get a Prospect to Be a Member (1:18:23)

Marketing Toolbox
Here you will find everything you need to market your business. It contains invitation letters, web banners, audios, videos, GIN logos, and much more.

Monthly GIN Newsletter
You have to sign up to see what's inside!

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and only the beginning. Our program is still considered NEW by industry standards, but already we've reached levels unheard of in online marketing, with thousands of Affiliates and Members having joined, all of whom are taking advantage of one of the greatest money-making opportunities in our time.

The GIN Affiliate Program is designed to provide to you all the tools and information you need to achieve success and financial independence.

Our program is ABSOLUTELY FREE! There are no gimmicks, no credit cards or fees, no obligation whatsoever. It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up!

Join the Global Information Network